How It Works

Once you’ve made the decision to partner with Bell to boost your
cash flow and reduce your stress, the process is seamless.


We’ll listen to make sure we understand how you want to work
together and exactly what you expect of us.


Client services will enter your complete files into our system and ensure
the files are in a digital format so you can access your information
on line 24/7.


Together, we’ll create a timeline to communicate our progress and always keep you up to date. We’ll create a single point of contact to ensure your point of view is accurately represented and that you get the answers you need, when you need them.


We’ll customize your month end, or any other period, report so the
information is in a format that works for you and is actionable.

Now that you know how it works, learn more about our workflow process.


  • First letter in series of 3 mailed within 48 hours of placement. Investigation is conducted. Drivers license suspension requested. First attempt at telephonic contact made within 24 hours of placement

    72 hours

  • 1st 4 days, contact attempt made daily. Day 5 to day 30, minimum of one weekly attempt to contact tortfeasor by phone. Day 30, 2nd letter of series sent. Verification of assets underway or complete. Voluntary payment arrangements under negotiations.

    30 days

  • Payment arrangements have been established or file reviewed for possible legal actions. If no contact made, investigation to locate and asset check completed. Day 60, 3rd letter in series sent. Weekly telephonic attempts continue

    60 days

  • Account status determined: Paying, Investigating, Disputed, Pending Legal or Pursuing OIC. Weekly telephonic attempts continue

    90 days

  • By the end of 180 days, the account is typically closed unless payment arrangement pending, SIF, PIF, paying monthly, OIC located or legal action has commenced. No further investigations into location of assets is warranted

    180 days

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